Gate bolt lock

Gate bolt lock

Types of lock

Our offer includes gate bolt locks in a galvanized version in two width options:

  • ZBZ 72-55/30

  • ZBZ 72-55/40

Features of the lock:

  • galvanized for the purpose of anti-corrosion protection (“white” zinc colour)

  • can be set to Right/Left doors through head rotation

  • has two gears: the first turning causes that the pin is pulled out for approximately 13 mm, the second for the next 13 mm

  • front of galvanized sheet metal 3 mm thick

  • the lock fulfils requirements of PN-EN 12209 standard


  • box (rough, for fitting in a gate with profile of 30 or 40 mm wide)

  • two-sided handle “AGA” in graphite colour with a blocking screw (with a seat for zeta wrench) and two plastic shields (zeta wrench in a set)

  • cylinder insert 31/31 mm made of brass with a set of 3 keys and blocking screw with a head for cross-headed wrench

  • latch made of sheet metal – 3 mm thick, “white” zinc colour, adapted to screwing on or welding

Configuration of the set:

  • It is possible to buy only the lock. Depending on needs you can additionally buy: box, “AGA” handle, cylinder insert and latch.

  • The lock is accompanied by a manual, transport carton and VAT invoice for the purchase made.

We are the PRODUCER. 100% Polish product.

We grant a 12-month warranty for the product